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The PTFE oil seals OS-PA31 are used in the sealing of rotating shafts at high speeds, high pressures and extreme temperatures.

The OS-PA31 is a pressure-resistant oil seal with a metal outer jacket. The seal consists of a sealing lip made of filled PTFE, a housing of stainless a steel and a static sealing washer made of FKM.

OS-PA31 PTFE seals are used in the sealing of rotating shafts at high speeds, high pressures and extreme temperatures. Oil seals typically do not perform well under these conditions as their seal lips are made of elastomer materials.

The application range of OS-PA31 in general engineering and chemical industry is very broad, for example: mixers, centrifuges, pumps, fans, rotating unions. They are also frequently used, in special combinations of compounds, in food and pharmaceutical applications.

Special features

  • Permits high shaft speeds
  • High thermal resistance de -90°C à +250°C
  • High chemical resistance
  • Pressure loadable up to 1MPa (10bar, 145psi) depending on the other parameters
  • Applicable with insufficient lubrication and dry running
  • Very low friction coefficient, stick-slip free running
  • Size of inner diameter possible from 5mm
  • Over 300 sizes available from stock
  • Non-moulded processing
  • Small runs without mould cost possible
  • Short delivery time
  • Very firm and exact fit inside the housing due to metal-metal interference fit
  • Please note: possible limited static tightness at the outer diameter with gaseous or low-viscosity media, use sealing aids at the outer diameter if necessary. The dynamic sealing behavior may be limited compared to elastomer RWDR.

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Oil Seals OS-PA31