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High performance FKM

anyseals has developed together with its partner MCM Sealing in Italy a number of outstanding FKM compounds. These compounds are designed to cope with aggressive media like mixtures of hydrocarbons, superheated steam, H2S, CO2, methane or amine-based corrosion inhibitors, temperatures from -61°C to +230°C (+250°C) as well as with high pressure. The following features even can be granted at the same time:

  • chemical resistance
  • outstanding physical properties
  • elasticity in a wide range of temperatures
  • resistance against explosive decompression (AED)

MCM Sealing has been successfully operating in high performance FKM for many years and has developed many compounds equipped with appropriate certificates!

anyseals cooperates closely with MCM Sealing on O-rings. Since customers often need quantities which do not correspond to the necessary production volume and usually require shortest delivery times, anyseals has been building up extensive stocks. Price and delivery times can be taken from the eShop as usual in seconds.

FKM O-rings are suitable for a wide range of applications. anyseals offers O-rings from stock for:

  • extreme chemical resistance
  • extreme temperature ranges
  • petrochemical and offshore applications (AED)
  • pipeline connections
  • valves, fittings, pumps
  • compressors
  • mechanical seals etc.

FKM Compounds

Bisfenol behandeld

Maximaal thermisch weerstand (+240°C), uitstekende weerstand tegen koolwaterstoffen, ook aromatische, goede fysieke eigenschappen, beperkte weerstand tegen stoom en H2S (max 2000 ppm). Speciale compounds voor explosieve decompressie (AED).

Peroxide behandeld

Uitstekende thermisch weerstand (+220°C), speciale kwaliteiten voor lage temperaturen, goede weerstand tegen basen, beperkte weestand tegen H2S. Speciale compounds voor explosieve decompressie (AED).